True computer geek needed, thanks

    I just bought a HP pavillion DM1 that was being listed here.
    It says it can play 1080p, but when I play videos in you tube in just stutters.

    I have done full updates and have the newest flash, is this just a problem in you tube or will it ocure on Hi-Def movies that might be backed up on my PC.
    From other sites, they are saying it will play 1080P I am confused.

    Thanks so much



    Could be a slow internet connection

    It's not powerful enough for 1080p flash. Besides the the screen res is only 1366x768 so you should be selecting 720p anyway. As for films the Intel 4500MHD supports hardware acceleration for MPEG-2, VC1 and AVC so you should be fine with movies.

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    Oh cool, I am not too worried about 1080p stuff on you tube, just got it last night and put that on first to see.

    The internet I have on it, is only G, but I get 1.3mb download (13meg) which is pretty fast.

    Thanks guys

    Can i ask what you think of the DM1 please? I keep reading reports of constantly running noisy fans, high heat and stiff touchpad buttons?

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    I was watching sin city last night while on the net and it was fine, yes the fan was on and off, but it was fine. I think people moan just to moan, also I think the touchpad is great, no problems with scrolling ect.. again people moaning.
    BUT The touchpad buttons are a bit stiff, but TBH my 1 year old could press it, so again people being picky.
    And for 280.00 brand new, you cant go wrong I am very very happy with it, and I looked for a week solid before buying this, reviews, other notebooks ect and videos and this was the best.
    As far as the heat, it was on my lap for about 30 min and yes it was warm like any laptop, but it was nothing that put marks on me legs. and also the fan goes out the side which is good.

    I can recomend.

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