Found 6th Aug 2007
I know a woman who is 105, her sister is 101 and in the same nursing home. The 105 yr old is a brilliant woman, but her sister is moody and generally not as nice. When the family were visiting (they visit each one separately even though they are in the same care home) the 105 yr old was asking for sweets. So each time they visited they took a different box of sweets in (jelly babies etc)

The 101 yr old told the nursing staff that they were not to give her the sweets as they are no good for her (we think that she was jealous of her sister for getting sweets), so they took them off her!

:giggle: So she went on hunger strike! She refused to eat anything until she got her sweets back :giggle:

They called her niece (the 101 yr olds daughter) and she said "For gods sake, shes 105, give her what she wants!" so they gave the sweets back, and she is eating again now

Made me :giggle: anyway - a 105 year old going on hunger strike because she wasnt allowed any sweets!

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Nah man - she's the best! How dare anyone tell a 105 year old what to eat? :giggle:

Old people rock! :thumbsup:

Thats funny :giggle:

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Like it matters if its bad for her - shes 105! Its unbelievable

:giggle: her response doesnt surprise me though - she has a great sense of humour, and is brilliant with children

Lol, When your 105 i think you should be allowed to throw a wobbler like a 5 year old again!

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Its the way that she did it that makes me smile the perfect solution to the problem in my opinion

Classic! :giggle:
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