Truetone Ringtones and Wallpapers

    I'd like a new truetone ringtone for my sliver motorola phone (I'm on 02 pay and go) but their website truetones are very expensive. I prefer truetones (actual song sounds) to polyphonic, but am open to suggestions. I'm keen on old tv themetunes (A team, dukes of etc...) or film scores (rocky, terminator) - or up to date pop tunes.
    I dont want to subscribe to one of these pay weekly and get three tunes a week jobbies - I just want what I want! lol!
    Cheers for pointers in the right direction.
    Paula x


    What phone do you have? If it's a V3, then hook it up to your computer, load the software on the CD that came with it. You'll be able to upload mp3s to the phone, which you can then use a ringtone.

    Some mobile phones, including mine can get true tones and mp3 ringtones but actual mp3s.
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