Was just wondering,was thinking of buying a trunki for my 5 yr old son does anybody think he is to old, ive never even seen them just heard that they are really good for toddlers


    They seem quite expensive for what amounts to a gimmick IMO.

    In all honesty i think you would be wasting your money to buy this for a 5 year old , not going to get moneys worth, maybe a 3 year old and would possibly still use at 5 yrs , but i think to buy one now would be a waste of money ! thats my opinion anyway, suppose it depends on the child tbh , i know my son who's just turned six wont use his anymore !

    I've got them for my daughters and they love them. My 6 year old still uses hers. They're on offer at sainsburys in pink and blue for £19.99. Someone posted the deal on here

    my tiny 8 still uses his...cos he has a 5 year old to chase lol
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