Trusted sites on my computer....ieframe.dll

Found 15th Aug 2009
Whenever i go on the amazon site which is quite often as i like to read their reviews i get a window popping up. Whether i press yes or no it keeps popping up and i cannot exit the box either. I end up pressing either yes or no about 4 or 5 times and it will eventually disappear. it doesnt seem to happen on any other sites.
The box says some thing like this....
Your current website is wanting to open in your trusted web sites.
trusted website...res.ieframe.dll
do you want to allow and then yes and no.
Anyone know how i can just stop this happening. it only ever happens when i am on the amazon website but each time i open a new page it does the same thing. does not seem to make any difference whether i press yes or no.
Thanks in advance.
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try googling ]ieframe.dll
This might help...

Ieframe.dll Error Messages

Ieframe.dll errors are fairly varied and really depend on the cause of the problem. A few of the more common ieframe.dll related errors are shown here:

* "Res://ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm#"


Most ieframe.dll "not found" or "missing" type of errors occur when using Internet Explorer 7 or while using Visual Basic 6.

The "Res://ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm" and related messages are much more common and appear in the Internet Explorer 7 browser window itself.

CAUSE OF Ieframe.dll Errors.

The ieframe.dll DLL file is related to Internet Explorer 7. In many cases, the installation of Internet Explorer 7 causes ieframe.dll errors to appear. Other causes include viruses, certain Windows Updates, incorrect firewall settings, outdated security software applications, and more.

Important Note: Do not, under any circumstances, download the ieframe.dll DLL file individually from any "DLL download site." There are many reasons that downloading DLLs from these sites are never a good idea.

NOTE: If you've already downloaded ieframe.dll from one of those DLL download sites, remove it from wherever you placed it and continue with the following steps.[LIST=1]
[*]Restart your computer unless you've already done so. The ieframe.dll error might be a fluke and a simple restart could clear it up completely.
[*]Install the latest version of Internet Explorer. No matter if you're missing ieframe.dll or if you're receiving a browser error message about it, reinstalling or updating to the latest version of Internet Explorer has resolved many user's issues with ieframe.dll.
[*]Using Visual Basic 6? If so, change the reference for Microsoft Internet Controls from the existing ieframe.dll to shdocvw.ocx. Save your project and then reopen it.
[*]Restart your router, switch, cable/DSL modem and anything else that's used to communicate to the Internet or other computers on your network. There may be an issue in one of these pieces of hardware that a simple restart could solve.
[*]Scan your entire computer for viruses. Sometimes, the ieframe.dll error will show up when your computer is infected with certain kinds of viruses. Use your antivirus software to do a complete system scan for virus infections.
[*]Disable Windows Firewall in Windows XP if you have another firewall installed. Running two firewall applications at the same time can cause problems so if you have a firewall program installed like ZoneAlarm, Norton Personal Firewall, Comodo Firewall, etc., then you should not be running Windows's built-in firewall simultaneously.[LIST]
[*]NOTE: Even if you're positive that the Windows firewall is disabled, check again. Some Microsoft security updates have been known to re-enable the firewall automatically even if you have an existing firewall enabled in another security software program.[/LIST]
[*]Update all non-Microsoft firewall and other security software on your computer. Certain security updates from Microsoft have been known to cause issues with security software from other vendors that those vendors are responsible for resolving. Check their websites for updates or service packs and install any that are available.[LIST]
[*]NOTE: If you're already running a fully updated version of your security software, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the software instead. A clean installation may stop that nagging ieframe.dll error message.[/LIST]
[*]Visit Windows Update and install any suggested Microsoft related updates. It is true that some previous updates from Microsoft may actually cause some ieframe.dll errors, but installing more recent updates, especially those to the Windows Update software itself, may help resolve the problem.
[*]Clear the temporary Internet files in Internet Explorer 7. Some ieframe.dll issues may have to do with problems accessing existing temporary Internet files.
[*]Increase the frequency that Internet Explorer 7 checks for new versions of web pages. If the default setting is too infrequent and there are issues with certain pages, you may see ieframe.dll and related errors.
[*]Disable Internet Explorer 7 add-ons one by one. One of your installed add-ons might be causing the ieframe.dll issue. Selectively disabling them will show you which one, if any, is causing problems.
[*]Set Internet Explorer 7 security options back to their default levels. Some programs, even some updates from Microsoft, will sometimes make automatic changes to your Internet Explorer 7 security settings.[LIST]
[*]Incorrect or overprotective security settings can sometimes cause ieframe.dll issues. Returning these settings to their default levels may correct your issue.[/LIST]
[*]Move the IE7 Temporary Internet Files Folder to its Default Location in Windows XP. If the Temporary Internet Files folder in Internet Explorer 7 has been moved from its original location, plus both Protected Mode and the Phishing Filter are enabled, the ieframe.dll error will occur.
[*]Disable the Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer 7. This isn't a great long term solution if you don't have another phishing filter installed, but disabling IE7's phishing filter has been known to correct ieframe.dll issues in some situations.
[*]Disable Protected Mode in Internet Explorer 7. The Protected Mode feature in Internet Explorer 7 can, in some very specific situations, be involved in generating an ieframe.dll error message.[/LIST]APPLIES TO
The ieframe.dll error message applies to Internet Explorer 7 on any of Microsoft's operating systems that support that browser. Ieframe.dll errors have been reported by users of Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista.
Thanks will do.
Thanks marmalade wow.....

I really hope you cut and pasted that.:whistling:
Think i have sorted it if anyone else has similar problem.
Went into control panel, internet options, security and set zones back to default setting.
Seems to have done the trick.
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