Truth about TalkTalk, is the deal as good as it sounds

    I tried searching for reviews about TalkTalk but couldn't find a central thread so I thought I'd start one.


    [* Unlimited number of evening and weekend calls to local and national UK landline numbers 1 plus unlimited number of anytime calls to 36 international destinations worldwide
    [* Telephone Line Rental
    [* Up to 8 Meg download speed 2
    40GB monthly usage allowance
    [* All for the bargain price of 16.39

    Is the deal as good as it sound or have you had any issues


    I can only talk from personal experience, of course. But my opinion would be:


    I bought my old man a couple of years of internet subscription. Initially, we went with Tiscali and enjoyed a year of trouble-free service.

    At the end of the first year, we moved to Talk Talk, since we thought we'd get it cheaper....that's when it all went wrong...

    The litany of terror is too long to go into, but highlights of your service include:

    1. No internet service on a regular basis.
    2. No customer service to speak of.
    3. Inaccurate billing.

    Really quite terrible. If you can avoid going with them, then please do, as they show no sign of improvement in the 8 months my old man has been with them.

    Shocking. Just shocking.

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    Come on guys, I can't believe only one person has used TalkTalk before.

    my old man has talktalk and the only problem he has mentioned is just when he had no internet connection.

    He had AOL (EEEK) and switched to talktalk and they didn't tell him when he switched over he went 3 days with no internet till i mentioned that they must have switched it to talktalk (was about a month after he ordered it) 1 phone call and he got the internet set up (ok i did) but cant remember any real problems apart from no message to tell him when the switch would happen.


    I've been on talktalk for a while. Only problem I ever had was when I moved when they wanted me to sort everything out but they soon sorted it out when I went to join Sky instead. I've never had any connection problems or anything. I know alot of peeps have problems with these but I just figured that I could probably sort most things out myself without having to use customer services. Also think the 40gb limit is a basic outline cos I download way more than that and have never had anything back from them - did about 60gb last week. Maybe it's luck of the draw but I think its good for the price - cheapest I could ever find.


    Also to point out I've never had any billing errors or Lack of connection (apart from when I moved home) and customer services were great when I moved and had to reset my modem, they just talked me thru what to do.

    Im On Talk 3 International And Ive Never Had Any Issues

    I'm on Talk 3 International and have to pay £10 per month for broadband because of location, used to pay £18.99 per month with old Talktalk connection so not too bad, no problems with either.

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    Would avoid them, we had our phone with them about 18 months ago. Started fine then they startd making billing errors all the time charging me for what was supposed to be free calls.

    They also took my a double bill payment out of my bank not once but TWICE, and it took me ages to get through to them and when I eventually did they couldnt care less, their customer services was awful.:-(

    We changed back to BT after that, so im my opinion AVOID
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