Try not to abbreviate words in titles please (e.g. TV, BG, BT)

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Found 10th May 2008
Just a small point but a lot of people put 2 letter words in titles which I believe is too short to put in a search.

For example:-

I am looking for a "TV stand" but it is not possible to search using TV so I'm stuck really.

other examples are BT, BG etc.

Is there a way to search for a phrase (e.g. "TV STAND")?

Just a small point but one worth taking note of IMHO.

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(e.g. "TV STAND")

What you're best doing is going into ]advanced search, putting "stand" as the keyword, search titles only, in the deals forum only.

Then if necessary, use "ctrl+F" on your keyword to quickly find all instances of TV.

That should get you better results.

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Thanks Emma. i was hoping for a phrase search but this is a decent workaround.


Put the phrase in quotes and this works

E.g. "TV Stand" matches only the exact phrase.
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