Trying to catch Card Fraud - Anyone know what Alitalia's Reference number looks like

Found 13th Aug 2006
Hello all,
Long story short - I'm trying to catch someone commiting Card Fraud and YOU might be able to HELP - have you ever used Alitalia? If so scroll down to the BOLD text.

Apologies for the rather long Post Title, hopefully you weren't too confused by it, or were and decided to see what I'm on about.

Anyway, just over an hour ago I discovered Card Fraud on my VISA card after logging in to check it on-line, completely by chance.
I've contacted both my Building Society and The Police, but I hoped someone here might be able to help in this little investigation of mine.

2 fraud debits have occured, however, the second one is to Alitalia, the airline company, and I have a number in the Transaction Details, which I think is a referrence number.

If anyone has ever used Alitalia and purchased a ticket from them, can you please let me know how long your Invoice Reference number is?

I will be calling Alitalia on Monday morning as soon as their offices open at 08:00, though I'm not sure what they will and won't be able to tell me from this possible referrence number, or if they will be willing to at all.

The police will get back to me in a 'couple of days' according to the helpful gentleman on the Police Fraud line that took my details this evening, but since the purchase was made only yesterday I thought I might start getting some information myself.
For anyone who has had to report a crime recently might have good or bad experience, but my collegues in the recent months have had very slow progress from them so I thought 'If I can do something to stop this person from getting away with it, I WILL!'
I'll be damned if someone's going to walk away with my hard earned money!

Anyway, rant over, if anyone can help with the reference number, I'd be greatful.

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I've had similar card fraud, the person using my details booked several Easyjet flights. When booking any flights you have to include the passengers names so hopefully the police will be able to trace the name of the passengers using your card, it makes you wonder they must be pretty stupid! I had no problems getting the money back but I did close the account once I was refunded.
Sorry I couldn't help with the reference number but you'll have no problems getting your money back. Keep us posted and let us know how you get on.

I m sure if you ring up Visa (or simply even your bank) and tell them that it is an unauthorise transaction, they should automatically refund you with the money you were charged.

This happened to me with Paypal.

I deposited £850 into Paypal account by mistake while I was trying to buy a Dell Laptop and at the same time I paid by Credit Card. 2 payments was shown on my bank statement. A couple of days later I had another transaction from paypal requesting the same amount.

As well as sending my money back to my bank account (from paypal) . It kept saying "pending". I got all panicked and I decided to ring up my bank. They refunded the entire lot back to my account immediately (they done it while I was still on the phone).

Because I click withdrew on Paypal and then report unauthorised payment to my bank. I now all of a sudden got 2 sets of refund (lmao!)

Lucky or not! I have while all these transactions was going through, I requested £30 OD charge and charged to paypal, which they also paid.

Soon or later they are going to ask for my money back, but the point is, I m sure if this is card fraud, your bank will refund the money straight away without questions? I m sure you are protected.

I hope this helps!

You could try asking on a forum like Flyertalk. They are experts on any flight stuff there and I'm sure someone knows what the Alitalia reference number looks like.

You could try asking on a forum like Flyertalk. They are experts on any … You could try asking on a forum like Flyertalk. They are experts on any flight stuff there and I'm sure someone knows what the Alitalia reference number looks like.

Thanks, I did this and got the answer I needed.
Unfortunately I was not able to call Alitalia today, but I should be able to call tomorrow morning.

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