Trying To Find A Portable DVD Player Deal

    Hello All

    I've tried using the search function but nothing and everything comes up!?!

    Has anyone seen a good deal on a portable dvd player. It doesnt have to be super fantastic with glittery knobs on but it does need to have durability as it will be for my girl in the car etc. I've seen this…559


    But dont know if these are any good as I'm not really a technical type.

    Any help or advice would really be appreciated.


    Ps Sorry dont know how to make the argos links work


    I bought a dual screen dvd player for the car from Argos last year. Its an acoustic make. Plays fine, quality is good but build quality is a little lacking on the player itself. If you want kids to handle it, it might be worth going for a stronger build quality.
    Whats your budget?

    Original Poster

    We've been given £60 but I can add to this, didnt want to go over £80 really as it wont be used loads and loads.


    dont know if this will help but argos are selling bratz portable dvd players as its for girls.

    product code 2608534

    there half price at the moment@ £32.44 so not much more than the £60

    thought this may be an idea

    thanx sam

    Comet have got a proline for £69.99. I have no idea how good it is, I expect it would be a cheapo one though. For decent looking ones, you would be looking for over £120 at least!.…597 I guess going thru quidco you could save a few pennies.

    Just check the high st stores like comet, currys etc. Otherwise hopefully someone else can chip in with some ideas.

    The one Im most interested in getting (another one) is the Philips Pet series. A bigger screen and one that is truly portable, not one that works in the car only, doh!

    Don't know if you're still looking or have a ToysRus near you or even if it's a nationwide thing but bought a Phillips 7' one for £39.00 (£79.00) on Sat in the sale.

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    Oh no, just checked the website and the cheapest they have is £70.

    Sorry Chunkee Munkee should have said (it's early ; ) it was in store, I didn't check the www site as it's only round the corner from me.

    look in argos they have great reductions i bought one from there if you want it

    well if you are still looking, PC world are doing a Philips PET706 7" Portable DVD Player for ~49£.

    hope this helps. :gift:

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    Wow, thanks. Just looked and I think I may pop along to the store to have a look.
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