Trying to find an Amazon tv series name

Posted 30th Mar
I watched this series last year as was going to recommend to a friend but can't for the life of me remember what it's called. Neither can I find it on Amazon, or remember any of the actors names! Stupid memory.

So he's what I know hopefully someone with a better memory can tell me what the series is called.

It's a dark series - each episode is 90 mins long, It starts off with two cops standing by their car talking, both cops are dirty, one of the cops is shot in the head and the other one spends most of the series looking for the killer. He ends up with a slow and painful tortured death in a barn by a mexican drug lord who's mother had been killed by the cop.

The whole series is shot with lots of non-talking scenes to make it really moody. I thought it was called things to do in Denver when you're dead but that's completely different and a movie. I've tried all sorts of searches to see if I could find it on IMDB and Metacritic but no luck.

Anyone got any ideas?
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Ahaaaaaaa - I found it - it's called too old to die young!
Bigfootpete30/03/2020 13:34

Ahaaaaaaa - I found it - it's called too old to die young!

I think you just ruined the ending :/
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