Trying to help my Mother choose the best Broadband and Landline Deal

    I'm from the UK but living overseas. My folks has Talk Talk Fast Broadband and Landline, paying about 25 pounds per month. Looking for something better as when Skyping the quality is not good and I'm on fiber 150 up 150 down so I don't think it's on my end. Also their up/down speeds are not great. They have Sky satellite TV as well. If anyone can offer any advice that would be great, Cheers!


    My sky broadband has been pretty good , cheap enough and if u phone them up before renewal you always get a better deal!

    U can try Virgin Media, if it is available in your area. The internet is great as it has optical fibre, TV not so great. Especially when it comes to foreign/international channels. It depends on your price p/m.

    Other than that, sky broadband is pretty good.

    Virgin have rolled out 300meg now if there wanting crazy fast, I'm only 150 and thats more than enough

    Yes as mentioned sky is worth a look as they do great offers. I managed to get my mum unlimited broadband and phone including line rental for £7.50 12 months contract Good luck

    SSE up to 78 Meg + phone calls etc £21 per month. 18 month contract.
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    SSE up to 78 Meg + phone calls etc £21 per month. 18 month contract.

    Just looked at SSE and its £34 for upto 78meg. For some strange reason having checked out a few sites today they have all put their prices up.

    If you are both using iphones (from iphone 4s onwards I believe), then you can Facetime each other for free using your respective wifi. My Skype is very variable in quality when connecting to Australia, but pretty good on Facetime.
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