Trying to install

    Im trying to install Adobe Premiere,

    However when i run the setup.exe it loads and then just disappears?

    It doesnt install?

    Is there a way around this?

    Ive tried restarting the comp
    Running as Administrator




    Have you tried buying a genuine copy instead?

    is it the download version, or original



    Have you tried buying a genuine copy instead?


    Original Poster

    its download lol

    You have probably just installed a Worm then and it is uploading everything from your hard drive as you speak,

    My daughters an editor/ camera op. Her company looked for Premiere and after FX online (for an programme their working on) and of the 8 versions they found online 7 had worms and other malware attached, some had 3 or more... You might have a problem now.

    I had problems years ago with a particular version and was told it was the fact it was a AMD chip .Is yours a Intel or AMD ?
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