Trying to learn the acoustic

Does anyone know of a good website to learn the guitar from? Cheers, Chris


Why not just by a book, or borrow one from the library. I think that it is better to do it this way. Most bought books will have a DVD or CD to help you. I taught myself to play with a book over 20 years ago.

[url][/url] is a great site...I'll send you a link later with some great stuff, no worries :thumbsup:

* I should add, there is some great vids on youtube. Just search...

The KISS book is ok but i would if you can have a few lessons if possible as you will get the basics quickly and be able to play some songs, remember no pain no gain as it will hurt for a bit,good luck!:)

I have a really good ebook learn guitar manual I can send (5MB) if you PM your email addy

Tempted to learn myself...

But will i need to know notes etc?


Tempted to learn myself...But will i need to know notes etc?

Scales are important but to be honest just learn some chords and you will be able to play some songs:thumbsup:

great links will be sending them to my son as he is hinting for lessons
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