Trying To Make SENSEO Of Cheap Coffee Pod Deals!

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Found 20th Dec 2007
After a great PHILIPS SENSEO find on HUKD I bought one and nipped off to two Lidl and two Pound Land branches to be devastated to find they DON'T sell them as inferred by the comments accompanying the Deal. Dammit!. Anyway - I'd be chuffed to hear if any readers know of the whereabouts of regular stockists for compatible coffee pods which are regularly in supply - as oppposed to 'a one off' AND remember, viewers .. it doesnt HAVE to be Senseo ... just Senseo compatible.
Thats your challenge. Switch off your computers now and get out, look for this.. and get back immediately! I'll be here .. waiting :-)


Ah'll sithee!

Bruce Turner


seem em in my local lidl stores tonight orderd unit from amazon

Just checked on Sainsburys and there are 2 for £3 there, so seems a good deal to me!

Waitrose sell the mug sized pods too. There are sites on tinternet that sell large quantities and sample packs, but 2 for 1 in supermarkets usually beat them. They keep so stock up when deals are on. Medium and Dark are both excellent.

We tried the fill it yourself pod adapter and it was useless!

If you like coffee get the Dark Ones.

Tip is to do the double single shuffle.

Put in a mug sized pod (or 2 singles), and put 2 mugs under, hit the double button.
Then after brew, hit the single button. The second brew seems to be stronger than the first AND you get more coffee.

I have tried all the coffee makers and the Senseo is the best IMO.

Original Poster

Thanks y'alll `specially for the Sains-burgs thoughts. Ill nip over there tomorrow and have a chat with my mate Jamie (Oliver) and see if I can knock the smug grin off his face whilst Im there!



Try Pound Shops

Original Poster


Try Pound Shops

Ye swel I did last week and PundlLand did em for two for aqud.. I bouth 27 packs and emptied em out!!!!

I Have Seen Them In Tesco And Somerfield But Not Much Variety Though!! But Try Online To Coffeepod Direct!
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