Trying to offload a bundled Forza2

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Found 4th Dec 2007
Anyone know if Game/Gamestation accept trade ins for this game?

It has the big yellow "Bundled" sign across the front of the box.

I would phone and ask but am stuck at work.


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I'll give you a fiver for it, right now..... (assuming its for a 360)

My local Gamestation had bundled copies of Forza 2 (as well as Gears etc.) in 2nd hand hand section when I was there a couple of weeks back,so presume you can trade them in.Trade it in against COD 4 if you haven't got it yet its awesome !.:thumbsup:

Yes, they do accept bundled copies

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I'll give you a fiver for it, right now..... (assuming its for a 360)

No thanks mate. I think trade in value will be alot higher than that especially since after paypal fees and p&p, ill prob only make £3 off it. Cheers tho

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JayBird and Pete

Cheers for the info! Will check in store tomorrow to see how much I get. Funny that, was actually wanting to know so I can get COD4! :thumbsup:
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