Trying to remember a song!

    Us guys at work are trying to remember a song it was a dance type, and it is two boys in school uniform who see an empty warehouse and they take it over and put signs up asking for female dancers to audition for them.

    You see them sat on directors chairs and all these hot women come in, wearing skimpy clothes and dancing for them.

    At the end of the vid, we think one of their moms come and pick them up, and she says something like did you have a good day, then it ends.

    rep for 1st one to give name of song its driving us mad!


    I know it i know it but cant remember it :-(

    The boys are only like 14

    Such a good song, about 2-3 years ago now

    Max Graham - Owner of A Lonely Heart

    Original Poster


    Max Graham - Owner of A Lonely Heart

    YES! Thanks and rep'd


    way to go it was starting to do my head in. ]this one

    wow 5 years ago now :?

    Getting old :-(


    wow 5 years ago now :?Getting old :-(

    not as old as you though lol!
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