trying to remember an old ps1 game

Found 2nd Apr 2011
It was head to head red v blue and you had to take positions and to win you sent a juggernaut tank into the oppositions base. anyone played this?
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Hmm.... here are my two best guesses.
Return Fire
Command and Conquer: Red Alert?

Command and Conquer: Red Alert?

Surely it's not that obvious
Whilst I don't recall juggernaut tanks in either game, the only other red vs blue strategy games that I can think of are Team Buddies and Z.
Future Cop LAPD

Future Cop LAPD

Its a good game plus u can get it on the playstation market place and works on the psp and Ps3
I loved this game! Found it in my parents house! Will try it in my ps3 tomorrow along with quake 2 (4 player franticness), Jonah lomu rugby and sled storm.
By the way it is definitely future cop lapd.
I still got my PS1 copy. Used to play it loads in co-op with my mate.
I think it's future cops. Cheers retro89
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