Trying to resereve and collect - but halfords website is so confusing!! help please

Found 1st Aug 2008
Trying to buy a sat nav to reserve and collect from halfords website but. They have a offer on where you hvae to put in a discount code to get the discount but i want to collect in store so will i still be able to get it at tht price?

The thing is when i go through the checkout it says to fill in all your details what evea methord of delievery but then it doent give any choice for reserve or collect!

Where am i going wrong!?

EDIT:- ok so managed to see what i have to do to reserve and collect it but now how do i get the dicounted price?


i recently bought a bike online and paid and collected it instore, you should get a reservation code sent to your mobile - but i'd print out the web page too then go to the store you have reserved it at.
hope this helps.

I just bought some bike accessories and a discount field appeared for online but vanished for collect! When I went to the store (even though all my items had been reserved and where in stock), one bike helmet was nowhere to be seen. Also make sure you are not in a hurry as they hadnt picked mine - they just went round the shop picking it out which means others could have bought it before I got there!

very frustarating site and kees me in suspense .. - get it suspence. ill get me coat
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