Trying to save to disc everything on my email.....

    just used Nero to burn all my microsoft outlook onto disc so that i could then delete most of it on my computer to make more room but still have a copy of things in case i ever need them.
    It seemed to burn onto disc fine but when i then try to look at the disc it doesnt seem to recognise the program.
    Should i have done it a different way. i have windows XP. All i want is to have a copy that i can look at in the future if i need to check old email. I have alot of emails that are already archived and want to make as much room as i can on my old computer.
    Many thanks in advance.


    There's not much point, I reckon. Emails are tiny (like, about 10KB for a big one, maybe a few MB for one with photos attached), so even if you have 20,000 emails, you're still only looking at about 200MB of disk space to store them. 200MB isn't much at all. To put it into some sort of perspective, I bought a new external harddisk a few weeks ago for £60, and that has some 1,000,000MB of capacityy. You can buy smaller drives for less money too.

    If you're really stuck for space, I reckon you'd be best off buying a new harddrive for the system (preferably an internal drive), and using that. Shunting things like emails onto optical media is never a good idea, since discs are such an inconvenient storage method. They're prone to getting lost or damaged, too.

    You need to export your emails to a pst file if it's outlook 2003 or newer - I'm not sure about outlook express. It will be under the File menu. Burn the pst to CD and job done.

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    Thanks Guys I will do both, I am going to save it like you said as it will be good practise and i like the idea of having a back up copy but i agree i really do need to think about more memory. We have two laptops in the house as well as my old computer so would probably think of an external one and put all my itunes on it which seems to be taking up alot of my space.

    Thanks alot for your advice.:thumbsup:


    You could make a new identity and copy everything in the main identity folder to cd/dvd.
    Then make a new identity and change the path of the new identity folder to the cd/dvd.
    Then you can just pop the cd/dvd in and swap between the identities when you want to view the old mail, that would work ok.

    Hope it helps
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