Trying to sell a case but not having much luck, would I have more chance building a pc into it and selling like that?

    As the question says, have a cooler master case I'm trying to sell, would I have better luck selling it with a pc inside and charging accordingly?


    Probably not, when i built a pc i researched components seperately to build my specs, as a case only it will have more appeal.

    I would say absolutely not. If people don't want your case as it is with the possibility of putting whatever they want into it then I strongly doubt they will want your case with your choice of internal components. You'd never make your money back anyway.

    What case is it and how much were you wanting?

    Probably because you are asking £45 + £10 postage when there is a brand new one on ebay for £59.23. Why would someone pay £4 less for a case which shows wear and is used?

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    So what do you think it's worth?

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    Oh and mine has newer fans plus an extra one from a new case.

    What case is it and how old is it and the condition?

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    Don't think I can say, it's in fs section. More pics available
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