trying to sell somthing

Hi, just looking for a bit of advice.

I posted in the for sale boards a nintendo ds for sale. It was the first time ive listed, and stupidly didnt really read all of the rules, so advetised it with an r4 card which i now know i cannot sell.
So fair enough i got suspended for a day.

Afterwards, i put the item back on without any card, made very clear just selling the console only. I got suspended again saying i had only just suspended for putting that item up.

Am i not allowed to sell this now because of the initial infraction?


i think you have to wait 7 days.

Did you wait 7 days?
Did you open a thread in misc within 7 days of it going up or during?

i think you have to wait a little while before you put it back on- 5 days maybe??? not sure but sure someone will let you know

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no, i relisted a couple of days after thinking it would be okay as i am not selling the r4 card.

I just didnt want to keep using rip off ebay, and was even offering to post 1st before payment in order to build up some feedback. Seems like i might have to go back to ebay thou

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Oh okay thanks, didnt realise i had to wait. Makes more sense now, i thought someone had just jumped on it without reading it all, thinking it was the same as the original ad.

It might be a good idea to read the fs/ft rules thoroughly before you try and sell anything else.

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