Trying To Sim-Free SE K530i > W660 - Doing My Head In !

    Argh ive been trying for the past 6 hours to sim unlock a K530i and now im really peesed off ! This afternoon i managed to knack the phone up bigtime after trying to flash it to a W660. I had to use the SE update tool to reflash the phone coz it wouldnt switch on, and it changed it to a CID53 from the original CID52 - nightmare. Anyway have since over the last 5 hours successfully (i think coz it boots different) flashed it to a W660 but now when i switch it on it comes up with 'insert correct sim'.

    OK my question, i have read so so many texts tonight regarding CID53 and how to do it right, but i cant get to the stage of switching the phone on coz i dont have the original sim card. I got given the phone, which was on Three network, but my sim is O2. Do i need to get a Three sim card to sim-free the ferker or can i do it with my O2 sim ? The tutorials point to a stage where you switch the phone on and go into its menu... but i cant do that coz it keeps coming up with insert blooddy sim card !! Can i borrow someone elses Three sim if i got a m8 that has one maybe - IE the sim is not locked to the phone, any Three sim card will boot the phone ?

    Argh im tired.. peeeed off... spent to many hours doing this without resolution... SOMEONE save me !


    If you PM Spitroast he should be aboe to help you, I have been outta the Moby seen for 12 months now lol


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    Thanx m8.. really doing my nut in here ! Work in 6 hours lol :-P

    phones locked to 3 are notoriously hard to unlock - normally have to pay 3 around £20 i think......

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    Big big thanx m8. I think the patch route is not available coz after spending hours on se-nse last night i realised that in order to patch (i made a few Remove_SIM_lock_W660_R8BB001_GENERIC.vkp files using autopatcher) Setool2 cannot upload them to CID53 but only CID52. So far no proggies, aside from SEtool full version, can patch CID53 :-(

    I guess the only way is to find a m8 that has a working Three sim or buy an unlock sim like u suggested.

    Many thanx for taking the time to help. Will let u know how i get on, if i do lol :-)

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    Borrowed the orginal Three sim off m8 who gave me phone. Now every time i flash i get 'configuration error please contact network etc'. Just flashed it back to original K530i and it works fine. Tried to reflash to a w660 and comes up with the error agghhhhhhh !

    Havent even got to the stage of sim free yet lol. Yet again spending the night trying to suss this... getting thouroughly peessseeedddd off.... doing my head right in !!

    It cant be this hard surely, so many peeps saying its easy, but i following the instructions through at least 30 times now and cant see im doing anything wrong :-(

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    Well spank me sensless... ive got it ! A lot of mucking about but ive got it weyhey !

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    Yep - combined with anycid for the qa2020 script. Followed the tutorials over at sense many times. Last try and it just worked :-D Happy bunny - first cross-flash and sim unlock ;-)
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