Trying to unlock phone with unlock code but now wants a puk?

Found 28th Aug 2017
Will try and keep this short. My Samsung S6 is locked to o2 and uses a giffgaff sim. Got a unlock code from ebay, put a plusnet sim in but i incorrectly entered the unlock code 3 times so it blocked it and now is looking for a PUK code. It works fine if i put my giffgaff sim in, but i have no way of unlocking it with the giffgaff sim in. If i put the plusnet sim in, it says "sim network pin blocked. Enter sim network puk" but both giffgaffs puk and plusnets puk doesn't work. Please help! Thanks
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You need to contact the network in order to get the PUK code
The unlock code you got from Ebay would be to unlock the phone, whereas it seems you have blocked your simcard by entering the wrong code for the sim lock - which you now need a PUK code to unlock the sim (from the network)
Thanks, but as I've stated above, I have tried the puk code from giffgaff (my original provider) and plusnets puk code (my new provider) but neither of these work. Someone suggested unlocking the phone first but there is no optiion I can find to unlock first.
Watch youtube how to do it. You need to type the correct code in the correct box. Sometimes there are more than 1 box. Don't guess. Don't keep trying if it didn't work the first time. Be 100% sure it's correct what you are doing. I myself have had trouble In the past as was doing it wrong.
You'll brick the phone if you're not careful...

A puk code and a network unlock code are two totally different things, getting one wrong two many times will brick the sim, the other will brick the phone, good luck, do some research before you do anything else.
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