Tsb problems

Found 24th May 2018
Anyone else still having problems with the app with TSB?

I have to re-register every single time i go on the app on my phone. Its SO annoying now.

Ive tried calling them loads of times but I’m on hold all the time & they haven’t replied to any of my tweets.

Ive deleted the app and downloaded it and done all the usual stuff but still doing it.

Is it just me?
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Don’t know but had a similar problem on the nationwide app until they released an update which enabled Touch ID and now it runs perfectly.
Based on recent news about TSB I would be more supprised if something actually worked. And now if you leave them and either cancel or change banks they mark you as deceased and cancel your DDs!!!!! I mean wtf!!. They appear a shocking bank. I am however sorry your experiencing problems and can't assist you
Was featured on last money Box podcast. Title. TSB woes.. Just search and listen
bbc.co.uk/news/business-44243768 I’d leave that bank if I were you (not just because of this story).
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Mines slow.
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