tshirt transfers i bought paper now which program do i use got vista or mac

    i am looking for a program to design some bits on to tshirt transfers to then iron then on to some pillow cases for my daughter to lazy about on instead of sitting on a hard floor.

    any one got any good programes ect

    the program thopefully can be used in mac and vista or the file save can be opened with the windows version programs

    eg openoffice on mac can be opened on windows

    also it was mentioined by some one on hear earlier about reversing the image or something as well to make it the right way on the tshirt

    so as much advice appreciated as only got 5 sheets a paper

    hackintosh 10.5.5
    vista x64 ultimate


    In English?

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    it is in english


    it is in english


    reversing the image depend on what the instructions on the transfer papers say. i used to sell tshirt transfers on ebay & mine didn't need reversing but i had tried others that had need to be

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    i bought decadry pc papers - tshirt transfer paper from pc world 9.99

    says something about mirror printing or backwards
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