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Found 28th Nov 2008
The price of the nintendo DS toptoy cartridges has come down to circa $7 now and looks to be a bargain. However, be aware that there seems to be an unacceptable level of failures with these cards at present - I have bought 2 of them over the last 2 weeks and they both stopped working after a day or 2. Tried all the fixes listed on the internet, but it's deffo the cartridges.

The internet has lots of complaints about these things failing and if you look close you will even see comments on the Deal Extreme site. I hope to get them replaced but the customer service at DX is poor, so we will see.

You have been warned!
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Probably because they are fakes.
i have had over 50 of these cards and only 1 that is hit and miss to load at £4 a throw not worth hassle sending back to deal extreme i will still buy them got another 6 waiting to ship :thumbsup:
Karma ;-)

You have been warned!

Welcome to 6 months ago.
Do you really expect anything from dealextreme to be 'genuine' ??
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