Anyone got links to the files I need for the TTDS please



You mean DTSS?

I will PM you now

EDIT: I mean DSTT!:giggle:

PM'd you now :thumbsup:

Original Poster

lol yeah the DSTT :-D


sent the main one now too

Original Poster


sent the main one now too

Cheers Repped :thumbsup:

hi mrszerrouk any chance you can pm me the files as well. because i have brought this thing which i also thought was called ttds and havent a clue.
thanks sorry to be a thread poacher.

if these are the files for an r4ds 2 could ya send me them please

i've got links for games if anyones good

could ya pm me them please? dont think ya can post them here

PM'd youse peeps! :thumbsup:

Hope it helps!

thanks mate

Hi, could you PM them to me too please, I bought it and haven't got a clue. Don't even know where to find the games :oops:
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