Tumble Dry experts ?

    Here's the issue, our tumble dryer seems to have a will of it's own when it comes to the light that indicated the water needs emptying. It's an indesit 85 if that means anything.

    I've looked at the water well for anything that might have changed but all seems fine except it's saying "empty water" when it's not even 10% full. Been like this for a few months, thought it had gone away but back today being silly.


    At the rear you have two pipes, one clear and one black. The black should go into an elbow at the top right of the machine.

    Just before the elbow you have a bend which could be compressing the pipe and not allowing it to pump up the liquid. Pull the pipe off at the elbow and off at the bottom and reverse the pipe so the bend is now made with fresh unkinked pipe and the old bend now forms part of the straight part and see if that makes any difference.
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