tumble dryer breakdown cover is it worth it

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Found 3rd Jan 2015
don't want to pay the £42 for the 3 year cover if not going to really need it as a very light user, but do contenser tumble dryers break more often.


Had ours for 4 years with no problems. I think the heat causes seals and belts to fail over time but would expect it to run longer than any extended warranty. I clean condenser parts every 6 months as per instructions. I guess you have to think about extended warranties with a lot of products but we have only taken 2 out. One on a high end microwave and on our plasma TV. We claimed on microwave but I guessed that was going to fail as very complicated. Never took a warranty out on the dishwasher we bought last month.

Tumble dryers are pretty hardy unless you freeze one. Washer dryers aren't so good.

Not worth it. My last dryer my mum bought second hand in about 1988. We acquired it after she died and only replaced it about 4 years ago as it was a little small for our family. Only thing I ever replaced was the door microswitch.
New drier had plug fall off under warranty, a modded board and plug was fitted under warranty as it was a known problem. I have just had to changed a snapped drive belt, not fun on this model.

Depends on the make. I've got an LG one thats been fine for the last 5 years *touch wood*.

Tumble dryers are generally more reliable than washing machines.

Belts snapping and the heating elements are common failures but usually fairly cheap to fix yourself.

The only thing that tends to go on a tumble dryer is the belt which generally snaps early due to overloading. We have had our hotpoint for 7 years and the belt has gone twice. Not sure if these are covered by extended warranty so best to check in the small print for exclusions. Luckily I can replace my own. Tumbler has heavy use for 6 out of the 7 years. Just replaced my daughter's belt and her dryer is 4 years old.

A sign that the belt has stretched is the drums struggles to go round with wet washing in it but works fine when empty. Obviously when the belt snaps the drum doesn't go round at all.
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