Tumble Dryer condenser...

    Looking for a decent tumble dryer (condenser) for under £200

    Min 6kg load
    Sensor drying preferred
    Free delivery if possible!

    Thanks in advance...:santa:


    I want 1 too but no ones replied :viking:

    wow same here, im looking, we must be the only people having trouble getting our washing fry. I just need a good value one I can stick in the garage.

    There are quite a few at John Lewis online and there might be a discount code for £15 off a first order in the voucher section too.


    Original Poster

    Guys, I'm still looking for a tumble dryer - now with the following features:
    [*]min 6kg load
    [*]reverse action drying
    [*]sensor drying[/LIST]...for under £250 preferably - anyone with any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance...
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