Tumble dryer condensor

    looking for one for this winter.

    They all seems to be more than 200....

    any cheaper one???



    Probably your best bet at this time, is to look at the offers from Currys.Co.UK. There are discount codes until 9th September plus a couple of others.

    Is there a preference for brand?

    Comet have a 'clearance' website. This is where they sell ex-display items and you bid for an item.
    You have to register but you have nothing to lose by looking:-

    I'm looking for a tumble dryer. I know nothing about them so am open to advice. I'm looking for best price/performance not something cheap and nasty. Where are the good deals right now?

    Vented are supposed to be the best but I haven't got space for venting so recently bought a Zanussi TC7103W condenser one which is much better than any I've had before in terms of noise, load and drying speed.
    [url][/url] has user reviews if that helps

    If you want a good solid and reliable tumble dryer, then I'd recommend Bosch. As pinkie says though, it depends on whether you can use a vented or need a condenser model.

    There are some good threads on MSE about people's experiences with different brands - I read these for comparison and found that someone quoted a which report saying that the more expensive were better so Bosch is probably a good bet - my washing machine is bosch and is great - but that zanussi were the best of the 'cheaper' ones it tested. mind you loads of people swore by much much cheaper vented models like white knight..

    Does vented mean that you have to have a tube going out the window? I can do that as will be in the conservatory

    I have top of the range condenser AEG (the one with about 15 buttons and front display) and it not very reliable. It suffered 4 repairs during its first 2 years! I was lucky enough to buy it from John Lewis, so they picked up the bill. However, after those repairs it goes OK for 2 years (as everything was changed - motor, pump, electronics). So not every time "the most expensive is the best".

    Yes vented means the tube has to go out the window - I once even had one in my bedroom to do this but now find the condenser in the kitchen better. I think vented last better however - mine lasted over 10 yrs but my last condenser only about 2 yrs!

    Thanks. Vented isn't a problem in the conservatory......any good deals about?

    I always rate john lewis as you get free delivery and a free 2 year guarantee and there's a discount code around for them at the moment

    Bosch WTA4007b ]http//ww…377 No discount codes and it's about £197 delivered

    Buy through QuidCo to earn 3% in cashback too...

    wow that's cheap for Bosch - I've never seen one under £200!

    Yeah definitely a good price John Lewis are very good too and the discount code for first time customers [sorry missed that above :roll:] The two year parts and labour warranty is from Bosch. You get that with all their washers and dryers ;-)

    I'm leaning towards a vented as people tell me they're more efficient.

    The Bosch looks a good deal but doesn't have the "Sensor" feature. Is that worth paying extra for?

    Costco had a special a while ago.ibought an Aeg from Lewis condensor,its been really good-has automatic sensor which is energy saving as it switches off when its dry.
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