Tumble dryer help?

Found 28th Oct 2017
i need a tumble dryer but I don't know what kind to go for a condenser or vented what's better? I've no vent but I could make one. I'm a male washing and drying is more a woman's thing lol
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Condensor all the way.
Condenser for me. I've got a Beko DCUR801W from ao.com. It's brilliant. Sensor dryer so you don't over dry and a 2 hr anti crease tumble if you aren't home to empty it (or too lazy to get up and empty it!). Just empty the water drawer and fluff filter every time you use it and you'll be fine.
If you can create a vent relatively easily then just go for a vented one.
Condensors cost more to buy, they cost more to run (unless you get a heat pump one, which are expensive) and they are more complex, so there's more to go wrong.
I had a condenser and I didn't like it. I now have a second hand cheapo vented and it is way better at drying the clothes.
Either one is a thousand times better than a combination washer dryer. In my opinion vented ones are slightly better, but not so much so that I'd make a vent where there wasn't one already. If it's at all difficult to do the venting in your situation, I'd just get a condenser and be happy with it.
You could always put the pipe out of the window if you didn't want to have a permanent vent.
Vented without a doubt. I bought a condeser and hated it. Vented are so much better
Thanks everyone
I have a vented in the garage with an extra long vent hose
Yes just to reiterate what most have said already, vented. You can buy an extra long vent and pop in through a back window and voila! Or be a cheapskate like me and pop in the bathroom with windows/ doors locked and hey presto steam room in your home that smells nice.
If it's in a garage outside then get a vented one. If indoors then get a heat pump one (a little more but not so much now). It's a condenser type that uses less energy, makes less heat which is useful if you want to place it in a room with the freezer/fridge. Heat pump ones need to really work at room temperature (they don't like to be near freezing) so they are not suitable for outdoor unheated garages. That's my understanding at least.
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