Posted 27th Dec 2022 (Posted 1 h, 22 m ago)
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to purchase a new tumble dryer and was hoping to get some recommendations.

I'm mainly looking for 9kg which has quick dry times and is also energy efficient. Ideally would also have and auto cleaning condenser or easy clean one.

The budget is £950 or less depending on how good the machine is.

My current first pick is :

Samsung Bespoke AI Series 8 DV90BB9445GBS1 with Super Speed Dry & OptimalDry , Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, 9kg in Black

Second :

LG Eco Hybrid™ FDV1109B

Welcome any suggestions please.

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    You wont get energy efficient and quick drying times. Condenser driers need high heat to work which will be quick but expensive. The newer heat pump versions are super efficient money wise (mine costs 22p per cycle at the moment) but it takes 2.5hrs as it runs at a lower heat and as such they treat the clothes gentler.

    Its a dilemma you need to work out for your needs really.
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    From my experience, don’t buy an AEG/John Lewis rebadge of an AEG heat pump tumble dryer. Rubbish.
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    If your want low cost efficiency you're not getting quick times, Ive had a Samsung series 9 heat pump dryer for 2 months and most load take 2.5 hours and half a load 1.5 hours.
    The quick dry 35 setting is just for a 1kg load such as a few t shirts or tea towels.
    However the dryer is fantastic, only issue for me is there's no filter in front of the heat exchanger ( condenser) which means it becomes clogged and you have to brush the front of it and hoover it carefully not to bend the fins and adventually it will become clogged inside where you cannot get to it.
    The solution, I've bought a foam filter Made for a different model and cut it 5o fit in front of the heat exchanger.
    Now when the machine says the heat exchanger is due to be cleaned I just remove the foam, hoover it and wash under tap leaving the exchanger nice and clean and it's much easier quicker routine.
    Now cost 30p per load approx (edited)
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