Tumble Dryers

Found 22nd Nov 2017
Oh what a mundane and boring title. It’s almost as exciting as watching clothes dry on an airing rack in November. Well why not, it is absolutely tipping it down outside.

Our tumble dryer has gone the way of the Dodo. I could probably get it repaired but I don’t like less than A rated appliances, so had been waiting for it to go.

So what do people think Condenser again or Heat Pump. Happy to pay the extra if worth it. Though I can’t believe how much large metal boxes with a hair dryer in them cost.

Then where on earth do you find deals on these less than sexy body objects. Not many threads pop up shouting the virtues of Heat pumps, A++ rating vs A+++, etc. Especially when you can get a fire stick from 17 difference t outlets and deals for the same 25 quid.
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