Tumble Tots Pricing

    Does anyone take their kids to tumble tots or tumble tots type group?

    How does it cost?

    Many thanks.


    I went for a starter session, never went back.
    From memory its £5 a time, but you also pay a annual fee.
    I didn't like it, teaches the child to climb and do obstacles, i found it boring.

    Its about £4 for 2 hours...


    Its about £4 for 2 hours...

    2 HOURS!!! Mine wasn't.


    2 HOURS!!! Mine wasn't.

    Really!!! I've been to two different ones in Birmingham and they were for 2hours... My son got too tired though so we didn't stay the full session!


    we pay £1.65 for 1 1/2 hours!

    Worth seeing if there's a childrens centre near you. They often run similar activties which are free!
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