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    We've built a totally free, ad free new tool, that instantly searches legal download sites whether for iPods or other MP3, to find the cheapest tracks. It's called, and frankly the best way to understand it is to try it.

    Quick Tunechecker stats

    Over 9 million tracks. It scans nine million tracks at nine download sites.

    Biggest price difference listed is £153.02. Radiohead's The Best Of album currently ranges from £6.97 to £159.99 (yep it really is selling it at that price - of course this is likely to be the retailer's error - but elsewhere variance of 50-100% is common).

    Lists 346 free MP3s. It's found (and lists) over 300 currently available legal free downloads inc: Basement Jaxx Feelings Gone, Oli Brown Open Road, Nine Inch Nails Discipline, Mystery Jets Diamonds In The Dark and Royksopp Tricky Tricky. The main tunechecker menu lets you display the full list of free tracks.

    Includes five Top 40 charts. Charts listed include the official top 40 singles, albums, classical, dance & R&B. Plus you can listen to sample tracks.

    Price difference on current no.1 album is £4.02. The cheapest Susan Boyle's 'I dreamed a dream' download is £3.97; its average price is £6.87 and most expensive £7.99. The cheapest CD version is £7.68. (See the full top 10 below).

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