TuneIn Radio App on Fire TV Problems? No Login or Saved Stations Help Needed.

Posted 20th May 2020
Hi All, as anyone using TuneIn on Amazon Fire TV stick? I have noticed the new version of the TuneIn App no longer allows you to login or save your favorite stations, nor does it keep your recently played stations either and some local stations have stopped working all-together.

I have done some research and noticed quite a few people are having the same problem but the BEST answer I can find so far is that TuneIn and Amazon went to war over Music Licensing & Security, So eventually TuneIn pulled there native login app and stopped amazon from using their native app where you can login...

I have tried using a traditional android version but something in the Amazon OS software is blocking the app from working as it would work on a traditional android device where you can login, tried uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times to no avail.

One user said that TuneIn replied to his complaint and TuneIn replied saying they will NO LONGER allow users to login into their TuneIn Account on a Amazon Fire Device...

As anyone found a solution to this problem or is anyone using TuneIn Pro which costs £5.88... does this suffer similar problems?

I like the TuneIn App, its by far the BEST radio app interface for the Fire Stick and its a shame its all stopped working as it use to...

Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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