Tunisia 7 Day Holiday / half board - how much money to take?

Posted 27th Jan 2023
What's a reasonable amount of money to take. I know it depends on what we're doing etc. On average?
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    It might be worth getting something like a Starling card.Put cash on it at the post office,so its like a pre payment card.If you dont spend it all when you get home take it out at the cash machine or use it in the uk.Its used like your bank card so its contactless like here and you choose to pay in local currency or pounds ( local currency is cheaper and i think best ).Get the App on your phone and almost as soon as you have paid you should get a notification to your phone saying you have spent " X " at shop " Y ".You can see what your balance is and where you spend your cash too.Not sure how long it takes to get one ive forgotten.Hope this helps
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    This is a good tip. There are other similar cards as well. You'll need to take £/$ cash otherwise and change in country. If you want help with your question about how much are you likely to spend - you'll need to give more info.
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    You not be taking any Dinar with you anyhow as it's a closed currency.
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    About tree fiddy without further detail.
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    Travelling alone?
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    Its a closed currency country. Its illegal to bring currency into the country and illegal to bring it out. You’ll have to exchange in country which is why its better to use a fee free card or cash card really.
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    I would also like to know how much spending money one needs. I'm there for a week in March. All inclusive but would be looking to have a few wetties whilst out on the prowl.

    Roughly how much is a pint and a cheap meal on the streets?
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    Depends where you go. We went AI in Sept and ate out a couple of nights. Had a very nice 3 course meal and it came to about £12.
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