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Posted 27th Sep
Hi there,

I am new to gardening so was wondering if anyone can help. I have this small 3.5x4m garden in the picture. I am planning to lay turf. Can you anyone advice should I go for normal turf or go for shaded turf. Due to the shadow being casted from the massive tree and my garage there is limited and sunlight.

I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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Depends whether you have kids, dogs etc . Shady turf and seed tend to be finer , slower growing and not as hard wearing as standard seed/ turf . But it does look much better .

If you have dogs and/or kids I would get a hard wearing turf/seed - won't look quite as good but will grow faster and cover the inevitable bare patches quickly .
Is that a photo taken at dawn and the tree is on the south side of your garden?
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Do you really want to turf it? Just a bit of a pain having to get the mower out for such a small area. Not really sure from the photos but if that tree drops it leaves.....
Best thing we ever did was to get rid of all grass in our garden! It was all mossy in the shady bit, and depressing. Now we've a paved path curving through, a little pond, perennial plants packed in as much as possible (less space for weeds) and pots. Weed membrane (the black fabric you get) spread out once you've dug it over a bit, then stones on top and planted through cut down the work a lot. Any cheeky weeds pull out really easily. We chuck in wildflower, nasturtium and poppy seeds all around, and they take care of themselves. A few bulbs dug in and cheap supermarket plants in spring make it a bit more interesting. The only work is pulling out some weeds and whatever's died off, when passing, and an occasional bit of watering in the summer. Most fallen leaves etc we leave as mulch and for the benefit of insects and hedgehogs, so we can pretend any chaos is a "wildlife garden". For minimal work you can slab it and put lots of pots around, which can be moved to take advantage of any light, or put in shade loving plants like ferns. You can always paint the fence white or bright, to bounce the light around. It all depends on what kind of look you want. I'm not a fan of grass, so this is just my opinion. Enjoy!
You have the right to cutback the overhanging branches to let more light in. The neighbours can do anything about it(y)
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