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anybody been to Turkey in late September? How is the sea water this time of year and is the sea in Turkey clear? Or is it just clear at certain beaches? I will be staying in Konakli.
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I went late September last year. Weather was beautiful although one day the sea was a bit rough. We went to Alany
Beautiful must say been 7 times enjoyed Avery minute of it don’t care what anybody says 🇹🇷🇹🇷 🏻👌🏼✌🏼
Ahhh I hope I get some nice weather then. How are the beaches? How clear is the water? I just want to relax, enjoy a swim and snorkel in little bays. Did you manage to see any of those and also was the sea still warm in September. I looked at the temperature but I don’t know if they are accurate. Thank you :
Pot luck as to whether the rains arrive early (and it really does bucket it down for days). Should be OK though.

the sea will be at its warmest
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Went last year end of September and had a Mother of all Thunder storms that lasted about 5 hours . Apart from that the weather was Beautiful
Careful about the sea water, one of the few guests who swam in the sea ended up in hospital... insufficiently treated sewage water in the sea.
The sea is relatively clean in most parts. Weather is usually decent :).
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