Turkey holiday

    Going to turkey in a few days and just wondering if anybody else had been, what your experiences were of it, any tips etc.


    Never been, but enjoy it! :thumbsup:

    really cheap steaks ever had....loads of cheap designer copy stuff

    Dont take any clothes with you, buy them all when you get there... all really cheap ..HOTTER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE. ! take lots of sun cream.
    Have a great time

    if ur blonde and out! lived there for a year .... and what an experience it was!!!!

    Evet is Yes....... Hayir (pronounced Higher or thereabouts) is NO!

    Original Poster

    Dark Brown and Male but I may still have to watch out ;).

    I've read all this about the clothes so going to go light on what I take, with the sun cream being what will probably weigh the most!

    Dark Brown and Male but I may still have to watch out ;).

    keep practising Hayir .... Hayir...... Hayir ;-) enjoy ur hol, its a beautiful country :thumbsup:

    Went last year, fabulous place, stayed in Altinkum - fabulous weather, really cheap and food was excellent. Every restaurant in Altinkum would collect and take you back to wherever you were staying free of charge, which was great!!!
    Not sure where you are staying but if looking for things to do, Boat trips are fantastic and really cheap including lunch etc. Also do have a Turkish bath you will love it !! If you go early in your holiday it helps to promote a really good tan aswell.
    With regard to food , try Baklava a very sweet but fantastic dessert, also one night we had Chateaubriand which, when it came the platter was all lit up with Sparklers and music and clapping going in the restaurant. It included the chateaubriand (fillet of beef for 2 people) with Baked potatoes, salad, 3 different rice dishes, chips. 3 different sauces and about 3 different vegetable dishes, could only eat half there was so much and all that for less than £25 for the two of us. You can eat really cheaply in Turkey and the food is really good.

    Have a great time you will want to go back again I am sure !!!

    Great country, great people & great food! :thumbsup:

    Have a great holiday!

    Went a couple of years ago. It was lovely. Only problem was the men outside of shops pestering you to go in but would go back.

    I went for site seeing and activities. Loved it !! i stayed in istanbul.

    Just like marz i stayed in Istanbul . Have a great time. Customs are very hot on Turkish flights - just in case anyone in your party smokes be careful to only bring 200 back :-D

    went to bodrum in july, be sure to take alot of sun cream as it was over 90 degrees, cheap to get around in buses we only paid 1 lira or 1 eruo cant remember now (yes they do accept eruos) alot of fakes going round in the markets tho so be warned, all in all a nice place to get a tan, not that many british places to eat at, altho in turkey u wouldnt expect that, but its always nice to have some home comforts:)

    I've been to Turkey (Marmaris) we thoguht it was great. It was my partners first trip abroad and he wants to go again! We went through Holidays 4 you and stayed in a quieter part called Siteler, but it was 2 mins walk to main street where all shops are and the beach and right next to outdoor market every week. in Short its great!!

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