turkey mamaris next friday ADVICE PLEASE

hi im looking for advice, im going turkey on friday and never been, but looking for advice on local beer prices and sprirts eg jd and coke,
what sort of prices would i be looking at?
whats the best things to do there?
whats the do and dont?

im looking for the advice cause want to deside on what sort of money to transfer? what can i bring back fags? 200? or more ?

thanks for your advice.


Ive just got back from turkey and a pint of beer was about 5 lira. Im not sure about spirits.

You are only suppost to bring back 200 cigarettes.

I hope you're into the 18-30 kinda holiday, cause if you're not, you might not enjoy this place.

Don't get sunburnt or drink the water - get bottled stuff.

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just what i though is that there beer or fosters etc?

came back from there 2 weeks ago...full of chaves....everyone gettin drunk very noisy...turborg was the beer....okay .....local spirits okay vodka watered down not good...very hot up to 45degrees...turkish markets okay but they do the hard sell onu all the time every stall....recommend turkish bath,mud bath fantastic....beach **** in marmarius goto ichlemer nice there.....enjoy

When we went to Icmeler (near Marmaris) my ex was buying a football shirt from the market & he wanted a particular name and number on the back, so he was charged extra for it, anyway they bagged it up and we paid bla bla, went, sat down for a drink looked in the bag, it was a completely different shirt, the one they had shown us was a real Adidas shirt, the one in the bag was 2 stripes, no name and number etc...so be carefull and MAKE SURE if you buy anything that you watch them put the exact one you asked for in the bag (not a new one in a packet unless you've checked it) Sorry it's long!

Have a nice time away x

my sons just back he said bar street expensive 10 lira for a bottle of beer for our beer, a large fish bowl was 120 lira but he had a good time

Marmaris is an awesome place but Turkey seems to be getting more expensive every year.
Drinks are cheaper than back home although soft drinks are getting very expensive.
The local beer is Efes which is excellent. It often comes with a frozen or very chilled glass.
The food in Turkey (and Marmaris) is amazing and reasonably priced. You'll get excellent meals from £5-10, better than back home.
I would take Traveller's cheques, a small amount of Turkish Lira and plenty of Euros.
Don't forget you need a ten pound note for your visa as you enter the airport.
Jeep Safaris are great fun and the price will usually include a meal.
Have fun.

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thanks everyone, may ask again soon for advice cause go egypt on 8th sep

we are of to egypt 31 aug cant wait

I would say enjoy Marmaris but it has changed so much since i first went there in 1988 and i would hate to spend 2 weeks there now. One bit of advise is not to take TL but to exchange £ when you get there- i was getting 5-10% better exchange rate doing that in Turkey then changing here.
Marmaris seems a lot more expensive then the place we were staying at through. But please enjoy!


make sure you have a £20 note to clear customs (possibly £10)


as they dont give change lol!

edit still boogered up I see!
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make sure you have a £20 note to clear customs (possibly £10)

It's a £10 note per person for British nationals.
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