Turkey PS+ still possible?

Posted 23rd May 2023
Has anyone managed to subscribe to Turkey PS+ recently? I can still purchase games using a crypto.com card via the console, but PS+ not working
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  1. the.porter's avatar
    Try the Ps app
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    p1001 Author
    Unfortunately no go on the app
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    I recently done this last week with the same scenario as you.

    Here's what I done:

    Load up the turkey PSN on your browser, I used edge.
    Buy 200TL a time on the edge browser.
    Buy PS Plus via the edge browser using the credit.
    Legitimately never used a VPN

    So now covered until October 2025. Extra 2 years cost me around £33 on the medium PS+ Package.

    Good luck!
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    p1001 Author
    Thanks, what card did you use?
  3. p1001's avatar
    p1001 Author
    Amazing. Thank you
  4. the.porter's avatar
    Won’t even let me add 200 tl 
  5. the.porter's avatar
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    How did you get it sorted?

    it won’t allow me to add funds to the wallet or purchase ps+
  6. Kanjuice786's avatar
    Still not working for me using crypto pay card on edge or safari or the PS app if anyone’s got any other ideas please let us know 
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