Turkeys are really expensive this year, and I even buy a Frozen one

    A 4.6 kg is £15.00 in morrisons and its not much bigger than a chicken,


    get a crown, better value as you aint paying for the weight of the bones.

    definently get a crown! we had one last year! was fab!!!

    get a large beef joint on offer in Tesco for back up. Then wait until after 12 xmas eve and get one reduced.
    MY MIL cooks dinner for us, but always at least the organic ones left in teh larger supermarkets on xmas eve

    Buy a good quality big Chicken, nobody can tell the difference anyway :-)

    As per one of your other post, we always buy turkey crown,

    Whatever you get have a great Christmas


    turkey crowns seem more expensive than the whole turkeys this year. we would normally have a turkey crown but got a whole turkey (4.6kg) from morrisons for £8 when they had their offer on a few weekends ago.

    this afternoon i picked our meat up, a turkey breast joint 3.9kg £27, which i didnt think was tii bad as its all meat, not even the breast bone.

    Have you ever thought about a capon? My dad has one every year, they are beautiful to eat.

    The purchasers for Turkeys didnt expect a huge demand because of the recession and therefore didnt place large orders like previous years. This meant that the Turkey suppliers only took account for the smaller orders and didnt breed many more.

    The spike in demand was unexpected and as there were fewer Turkeys to go around the price increased.

    Sad state of affairs I know but hey-ho...Gobble-Gobble! LOL....
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