Posted 5th Jan 2023
Just had a notification to say my Disney+ has been refunded
We've issued a refund of TRY 349.90 for Disney+ Annual Subscription (Disney+), anyone else had this happen, not sure why it's happened as I've been at work all night
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    Yeah, I've had the same. I'm now sat with just under £20 on my virtual Crypto card. Does anyone know a way to withdraw this or any site where I can still use the card without issues? Thanks.
    you can use it to pay for games if you do the turkey playstation trick or else withdraw it completely with revolut.
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    £29.06 for an extra 12 months. I've already now had a few months free. Still got to be worth it?
    Unless you now need a vpn for use in Turkey?
    Has anyone resubscribed with no issue?
    I get refund few hours after email and resubscribed for higher price. No issue so far.
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    Refunded all of mine too, at both 649 lira and 349. It's not a price thing imo, it'll just keep happening.
    I won't bother with re sub then 😞
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    No refund since resubbing so this 'trick' isn't over quite yet.
    I'll give it a go then. Fingers crossed!
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    Just tried to resubscribe and the price has increased to 650tl
    We're you successful? If so what did you do?
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    When did you order it?
    Ordered November 10th got full refund apparently, still waiting for it to hit my revolut account
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    I received it too. 😔
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    Also got this email...
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    Happened me too
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    Maybe they've rumbled that people aren't in the country they're subscribing from ?
    That's exactly what's happened. Oh well, I wouldn't pay full price that's for sure so buh bye
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    Same. Reubscription was 650
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    Yup same!
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    Yeah woke up to being refunded, they cracked down
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    Anyone got refund to revolut yet? Play store saying refunded but nothing showing up in revolut in either GBP or TL accounts
    My Stadia refund also took a couple of days to appear after I'd got the refund email from Google Play. I wouldn't worry about it immediately. (edited)
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    Got a refund too, can only assume they were meant to charge us the new prices but didn't.

    Resubscribed with no issues though.
    You paid the same or the new prices which around double?
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    Got refunded 95p short than original purchase. And now renewal is twice as much. Annoying
    mine is the opposite. Managed to get an extra 12p back ha!
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    One more money saving hack taken away
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    Happened to me too
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    Has anyone had anything weird happen with their refund? My payment has been refunded and then deducted again, giving me a refund of 0
    I've been refunded twice. One from Disney and one from playstore. Different ammounts but roughly the same. May have to resub for the higher price
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