Hi guys im going to turkey again in a months time and im taking a few currencys as they prefer £'s over there but i also like having a few hundred in euros for trips and a few hundred in turkish lira.Just wondering if anyone knew of the best deals on lira and euros at the minute please


    dont buy lira here at all ever as it drops so fast-buy it IF you need it. I always use £ and you get a better rate in shops. Order a nationwide cashcard or similar as on mse and you can get cash daily from cash machine no fees!!

    Went to Turkey a couple of years back and took Lira - big mistake. Where we stayed shops didnt seem to want them - preferred the euro.

    If you're any where near Coventry, try Thomas Cook Earlsdon branch, ask for VIP rate when you speak to Mr S Bennett.......

    Always works for me....


    M&S are the best place to buy Euros, I travel a lot and I can guarantee you won't find a better deal.

    Also Thomas Cook will match any quote you get from anywhere else.

    i used to work for thomas cook and theyre rates are very flexible. aslong as u say u priced matched someone, ttt money corp are a very good place to look for good deals, then pop into a thomas cook branch show them the rate thats being offered and bobs you fathers brother!!
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