Turn off laptop lid switch

    Ok I have a laptop with a broken screen which I wish to use with an external monitor.
    I also want to use an external keyboard and mouse, and to be able to wake the laptop up from sleep with the external mouse and keyboard.
    I have set closing the lid to do nothing in power/display settings.
    I have also set to only use my external screen and turn off my laptop screen.
    Problems I have are
    If I close the lid, then open it again the laptop then the external screen goes off and the laptop screen comes on. If I unplug the monitor cable, then plug it back in then it reverts back to what I want (just external monitor on).
    Waking the laptop up from sleep with the external mouse/keyboard works fine with the lid open but does nothing with the lid closed.
    I want closing or opening the lid to not to anything.


    I assume you are using windows?

    Does pressing the "Windows key + P" and selecting "projector only" fix this issue?

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    Sorry yes Windows 10.
    When pressing "windows key + P", second screen only is selected, there is no option for "projector only".

    What make/model laptop is it please?
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    It is an Acer 5734z

    Try this...

    - remove the main laptop battery
    - remove the 2 screws on the underside rear corners
    - remove the plastic cover above the keyboard
    - carefully unplug the display from the motherboard (plug just above the F4/F5 keys)

    Now that it is unplugged see if the laptop stops trying to switch to the internal display. If it does solve the problem wrap the connector into some electrical tape and close the laptop up again.

    Watch Youtube video with some of the steps (0:48 to 1:40)
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    Hi thanks for your answer. But this might work for the screen I would still have the problem with the usb mouse and keyboard not waking the laptop up when the lid is closed.
    However your reply did give me the idea of physically disabling the switch rather than trying to find a setting.
    So after a bit of googling and taking the laptop apart I found that the switch was activated by a small magnet located on the back of the screen bevel (stuck on with a piece of tape).. All I had to do was remove the 4 small screws to remove the screen bevel and move the magnet to somewhere else on the bevel (in case I later decide I might want to return it). Hope this helps someone else in the future.
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