Turn the tables on all those Telesales Cold callers!

Found 15th Mar 2007

Click the above link....I think it's a great story....true too :w00t:

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lol thats excellent!

Love it!!!!!

gosh I hate those cold callers!!


One of the funiest I have heard in a while

geek grrrl

gosh I hate those cold callers!!

I never get any...

call telephone preference service, can find it under marketing preference service (MPS), same outfit also stops junk mail. Very effective.

I'm going try that...

I loved the line "no, don't worry about that... it's just a formality".

Good one :-D

lol comical!

i always answer the phone like

Me: Hello
Them: Hello is Mr Jones There?
Me: What One theres a few million of us!?
Them: A Jones
Me: Theres still a few million jones's
Them: ANT Jones
Me: Yes
Them Hello Mr Jones Im Calling to Offfor you a once in a lifetime.....
Me: Im A mr jones but not The mr A Jones Your after
Them: is he there?
Me: might be!
Them: Can i speak to him
Me: You dont know if he is here!!!!!!!
Me: Thank You for your time and this call is being recorded as we are registered with TPS, So stop fu*king calling me!

We get calls all the time on a phone that is only used for internet, we dont put the phone down - meaning that phone cant call someone else!

When they call on our phone we keep them talking, sounding really interested, getting them to persuade us, and then say we have changed our minds - drives them mad!

I don't know how you manage to put up with it :? :?

I am just not that patient:roll:

i play bing and bong with them

i say if you tell me a lie i will say bing really loud and if you think im telling you a lie you say bong

i'll go first

i would really like to buy your windows and doors

you havent said bong............................

that usually does it:giggle: :thumbsup:
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