Turned ps3 hard drive into external hard drive HELP!!!

    I just put a new hard drive into my ps3. I then put the old 60gb hard drive into a case so its now an external hard drive. Ive then plugged it into my computer but it doesn't show up.

    I have found it in device manager under disc drives. It is called ST96812A USB device but I cant do anything with it???

    Was I meant to format it before i removed it from the ps3??? Confused???


    Its is probabaly set to Master drive but your pc already have master drive so wont recognize you need to change it to slave. Also what operating system are you on?

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    Im on vista. How would I change it to slave?

    Sorry that isnt your problem its the formating and file structure it is linux based ryin to fin the program so that it wll show up and you can re format t

    You could try and format it with this

    right click on computer go to manage, then disk management, then format from there.


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    hiright click on computer go to manage, then disk management, then format … hiright click on computer go to manage, then disk management, then format from there.

    Just done it and its formatting it now. Cheers

    if it has a protected partition use this......

    1.Open a command prompt as administrator.
    2.Run Diskpart application by typing Diskpart in the command prompt.
    3.In the “Diskpart” prompt, enter rescan command and press Enter key to re-scan all partitions, volumes and drives available.
    4.Then type in list disk and press Enter key to show all hard disk drive available.
    5.Select the disk that contains the partition you want to remove. Normally, with just 1 hard disk, it will be disk 0. So the command will be:
    select disk 0

    Finish by Enter key.

    6.Type list partition and press Enter key to show all available and created partition in the disk selected.
    7.Select the partition that wanted to be deleted by using the following command, followed by Enter key:
    select partition x

    where x is the number of the EISA based recovery partition to be removed and unlocked its space. Be careful with the number of this partition, as wrong number may get data wipes off.

    8.Finally, type in delete partition override and press Enter key.
    Once the partition has been deleted, exit from Diskpart, and now users can use the much familiar and much easier Disk Management tool in Windows (diskmgmt.msc) to manipulate the freed unallocated partition. Users can create a new volume (partition) with this space, or simply merge it to existing partition by extending the size of the existing partition.
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