Turning off Best Offer on Ebay Buy It Now listings.

Found 22nd Aug 2017
I am not a prolific ebayer and decided to do a bit of selling. I tend to set items on 'Buy it now' as it means I know what I will get after fees etc.

Last time I did listings I could switch off 'Best Offer' but it seems Ebay have disallowed this? I can't seem to switch it off.

I am getting offers that I am having to decline as with postage,ebay and paypal fees it would be a waste of time.

Is it possible to switch it off?

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Hi, when listing an item for sale on eBay, it comes up with pricing options. (Fixed price or auction style). When you click onto fixed price, you'll need to untick the 'add best offer'. If you've got the listing already posted, go onto the listing and it'll come up with 'revise item'. Go onto the pricing option and untick the 'add best offer'

If you're doing online (not through the eBay app) as I know this has changed since the update. Click onto 'my eBay', then onto 'all lists', then 'all selling' (this will take you back as if you're doing it online before the update). Scroll down to your listing, then where it says 'sell similar' underneath it says 'more options'. Click onto 'revise', then pricing and untick the box for 'best offer' and save changes.

Sorry if this is waffly , but I did manage to opt out of the new update and go back to the original way

Hope this helps
Hi Shannon,

Thank you for the reply. I don't seem to get the option at all now:

I tried via:

My Ebay -> All Lists -> All Selling then clicked 'More Actions' next to an item and selected 'Revise' I then scrolled down to pricing and all I get offered is this - there is no option to opt out.

Same with when I go to list an item, it no longer gives the option to opt out.


Seems if you inadvertently use the 'Quick listing tool' it removes the ability to disable Best offer. It is then automatically applied to every listing. You then can't remove it.

Just been on their support chat and they have had to manually revert me to the old listing tool and now I can remove Best offer! So, not clear if I can switch between the listing tools, or, if I have been a Guinea pig or something. But I am now able to switch off all the chancers offering me 20p for something that will cost £3 to post.

Thanks again
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